REAL Property Group

The InterUrban Lofts The Scotford Building

Since 1992 the principals of REAL Property Group have owned, managed and redeveloped commercial property in the greater Kansas City area. In 2013 REAL Property Group, Inc. was formed as the flagship organization under which development and management functions are conducted for existing and future projects.

Why is REAL capitalized? The reason is simple. We want our name to convey our core values and beliefs about how we conduct business. Not just the real estate business, but all business, even the business of life. We pride ourselves on being REAL. In other words, we value REAL relationships, delivering REAL results on commitments and promises, being REAL honest, communicating REAL clearly and often and generating REAL returns on the investment our tenants and partners make with us in our properties.

“Focusing on the needs of others gives purpose to our own existence.”

Real estate activity can easily degenerate into aimless excitement if the above belief is not kept clearly in focus… every day. This guiding principle motivates us at REAL Property Group to achieve REAL results… for our tenants, for our neighbors, for our partners, for our families and for ourselves.